Helpful Community Links

In an effort to provide useful information for the communities Centerpoint serves, we have included some helpful sites you might want to check out.

National Associations

Community Association Institute – CAI
CAI is America’s advocate for responsible communities.  CAI is a national organization dedicated to fostering vibrant, competent, harmonious community associations.  For more than 30 years, CAI has been the leader in providing education and resources to the volunteer homeowners who govern community associations and the professionals who support them.  CAI offers books, seminars, research, continuing education, periodicals, including Common Ground magazine and specialized newsletters on community association management, governance and law.  CAI also advocates for legislative and regulatory policies that support responsible governance and effective management.

Centerpoint’s owners are members of CAI and have served on the Board for the local chapter.  We continue to be actively involved in the mission of the organization and encourage our Board members to become involved as well.  Information regarding membership and benefits can be found on the CAI website.

Community Association Institute – Central Indiana Chapter

Central Indiana Chapter
PO Box 1334
Noblesville, IN 46061-1334
Phone: (317) 592-9652
Fax: (317) 773-9864
Web URL:

Executive Director
Ms. Elaine Billingsley
Phone: (317) 592-9652
Fax: (317) 773-9864

State and Local Information

This official website for the state of Indiana offers both statewide and local information.  Particularly helpful is that allows users to access county government offices, public libraries, school corporation sites along with other local community places and events.

Local Community Association Networks

These networks provide homeowner associations an opportunity to meet other civic leaders and discuss local issues.  The primary purpose is to strengthen the community by creating greater communication between neighborhoods and local governments.  To see how you can become involved, visit one of the below websites.

Carmel Neighborhood Association Network – CNAN

Noblesville Neighborhood Network

Westfield Community Association Network – WECAN

Local News and Weather

For the most up-to-date state and local news and weather visit The Indy Channel at: