About Centerpoint

Our History and Vision

With a combined 20 years experience in both community governance and management, Centerpoint Community Association Management, LLC. was founded by Patty Schmidt and Matt Lutz.  Having served in leadership capacities on community association boards, the Central Indiana Chapter of CAI, and professionally in both the community association management and real estate industries, we understand the diverse perspectives involved in serving a community.

Managing a community can become a full-time endeavor.  Board members care deeply about their communities and volunteer countless hours to accomplish community goals – so much time in some cases that they sacrifice valued personal and family time.  But, it is not your job to manage the day-to-day operations of the association.  The Board steers the ship – at Centerpoint, we do the work.

As a volunteer, your time is valuable.  Isn’t it about time you got your life back and let your management company work for you?  It is about time – your time.

Choosing the right community manager may be the most important decision you will make as a board member.  From initiating and coordinating a multitude of community services to building relationships with the families living in your neighborhood, Centerpoint is dedicated to making your community vision a reality.

We understand that every community is as unique as each family who lives there.  Developing a comprehensive strategic plan based on those unique needs is an essential part of the service we provide.  In addition to addressing the core components of association management, Centerpoint offers a real hands-on approach to accomplishing community goals and building a solid rapport with all homeowners.  We think you deserve the best.

Building Community

Association management is about helping people – putting families first and building a community for them to prosper in.

Association management, like our society, is evolving rapidly.  Most management companies continue to focus on the technical activities such as covenant enforcement, assessment collection and common area maintenance.  While it is essential to provide comprehensive services that address these core functions of association management, Centerpoint takes their approach one step further by addressing the needs of the families living in the community.

As Centerpoint works with the Board of Directors to develop a strategic plan for the community, we will also assist in defining and initiating activities that build community as well.  From the establishment of functional committees to the launching of an enhanced communication network and initiating neighborhood social events, Centerpoint strives to engage homeowners in the process of building community and promoting an increased exchange of community information.

Many communities experience lack luster attendance at neighborhood meetings.  Is this a sign that everyone is content with how the community is functioning?  Not necessarily.  Though we live in a fast paced society, most people do not get involved because of two reasons:  a) no one asked them to help and b) they believe they will not be able to affect change.

Engaging homeowners to participate in the process is essential to building community.  Centerpoint strives to give homeowners timely and pertinent information and a voice in the direction their community goes.  Participation by homeowners leads to stronger more vibrant communities.  A sense of responsibility to the community and each other grows.  Not only do these communities thrive from an interpersonal aspect, but most communities experience dramatic improvements involving covenant compliance, payment of assessments, increased property values, better maintained homes and a general sense of increased harmony.

Isn’t that what we all strive for in our communities…